Monday, August 15, 2011

Project 7 and 8, Recipe books

I have had piles of index cards, with recipes on them, floating around my house for longer than I care to admit. When I got a Bind-it-All a few months ago the first thing on my list to make was a recipe book! Then the Bind-it-All got put up on a shelf and forgotten about a little bit. The piles of recipes continued to migrate around my house, I just never had time to type out all my recipes and make a book. What better time to finally get that book made than when I'm on a 100 project spending freeze. 

Unfortunately I only had 1/2 inch owire so my project actually became two projects. I made one book for main dishes and one for side dishes.

I used 5x7 covers and decorated them with some scrap paper. Then I used my Crop-a-dile to put an eyelet in the bottom of the covers and attached a ribbon. Now when I'm cooking I can open the book up and tie the ribbons together to form kind of an easel and make it easier to read the recipe while I work. When this challenge is over I plan to buy bigger owire so that I can make it one big book but for now all my recipes are finally in two organized spots!

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