Thursday, August 18, 2011

Project 20, Altered letters

Another project that's been sitting in the corner of my craft room ignored is letters for Brianna's room. I'm in the middle of redecorating her room and when she's old enough (hopefully soon) to move to her big girl bed this will be her bed set.

I found this bedding and fell in love with it! The whole room is based around this bedding. Another reason I would like to get her in her big girl bed! lol It just so happens that shortly after buying the bedding I bought My Minds Eye, Alphabet Soup and the colors matched the bedding perfectly! I knew I had to use it to alter the letters for Brianna's room. Here is how they turned out,

Now I just need to get my husband to hang them up!

Brianna's room is an ongoing process, I have big plans for it but its taking a lot of time. I'm hoping to have most of it done in the next month, it's hard work decorating with a toddler running around "helping" me. I'm looking forward to showing the finished product... Eventually!

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