Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mid week mojo Topaz #5

Woo! 1/4 of the way done with my 100 project goal!! The milestone project is of course another Mid week mojo from Kristy Lee at Here is the sketch she provided,

And here is my interpretation,

This layout was so hard for me to do but also a bit therapeutic. This is my dog Sara that I lost 3 years ago to cancer. She was absolutely my best friend and I've never really gotten over losing her. I actually don't plan on ever getting over it. I like that I still think about her on almost a daily bases it makes her a part of my life still even if she isn't here anymore. About a month ago I decided I was ready to adopt another Rottweiler. I was having a really hard time with it because in a way, I feel like it's forcing me to come to terms with the fact that Sara isn't coming back. So I made this layout with the intent of it being a little scrappy therapy. The envelope under the photo has a nice long journaling page about our relationship and how special she was. I plan to frame it and hang it in my scrap room and I think it did help me become more ready to accept another dog into our family.

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