Thursday, August 11, 2011

100 project challenge

A few weeks ago someone in my crafty group, Crafty Enablers, came across a blog post about a challenge to create 100 crafty projects before buying anymore scrapbooking supplies. A handful of us have decided to join in this challenge together. Each of us has adjusted the rules a little to fit our personal situation. My challenge is to create 100 projects, only buying adhesive and possibly some cardstock or a silhouette blade if necessary. I also decided to allow myself a small scrappy reward after creating 50 projects. I know myself and if I wanna keep this going I need a little reward!

There are a few reasons I decided to join the challenge. It's not because I think I have to many supplies, that may be because Im in denial but I'm standing firm on that fact, I do not have too many supplies! This is solely based on the fact that I have less paper collections than the majority of my scrappy friends. I'm not as bad of an addict if I can prove there are worse addicts, right? That's my story anyway! A few weeks ago Trevor and I sat down to talk about our budget and our upcoming financial goals. For the first time since I started scrapping, a little over a year ago, we put a dollar amount on what I was aloud to spend. (EEEEK!) I was given $25.00 a week. In the first 4 days alone, there were so many online deals, that I was about to spend a months worth of my budget in less than a week. Hmmm maybe I do have a small problem...

The next day I learned about the challenge. It came at the perfect time! I'm an all or nothing kind of person. For me its easier to buy nothing at all than to limit myself to a dollar amount. Also I have to admit I was a little frustrated with myself for having such a problem holding back. Since the challenge was issued (July 26th I believe) I have created 21 projects. It has actually been inspiring to focus completely on creating. I have found I'm getting my layouts done faster and stepping outside my usual a little more.

Over the next week or so I'm hoping to do I quick post on each of the projects I've done so far, then I will continue to post all the way to 100! So hopefully I will be back later today! 

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