Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy hellos, project 28

I've been trying to improve my card making skills. I really enjoy making them but I could definitely use more practice. So I've been trying to make one a week. I have a calendar by my desk with up coming birthdays and events listed on it and at the beginning of each week I check to see whats coming up and make an appropriate card. This week I looked at my calendar and saw that for once I was all caught up on my cards. On the rare occasion that I'm all caught up I like to make a just because card for a special person in my life that I consider to be like a grandmother to me.

Her name is Gladys, and she used to work with my mom. It was maybe 15 years ago but she has been a close family friend ever since. She has been more of a grandmother to me than my real grandmother, she just has such a big heart! I know she enjoys writing letters so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to keep in touch and share my creations with someone that I feel will really appreciate them. Since I'm still developing card making skills I cardlifted once again from Pinterest. Here is the example card,

and here is what I made,

I'm actually really happy with how it turned out! I used Echo Park's Summer Days for the background and Dots and Strips, Candy Shoppe for the pinwheels. It's safe to say this is my favorite card yet and I'm glad it's going to someone so special!

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