Monday, September 5, 2011

A doggy bag

Saturday we took the long drive down to Furry Friendzy in Dallas, TX. We went to take a look at a few dogs and hopefully find one to adopt. The people at Furry Friendzy are absolutely amazing! They do so much for so many animals. Trevor and I wanted to do something to help. We brought them a lawnmower because we've had an extra one sitting around and I knew they could use one. I also decided to make some homemade dog treats. I make our dogs treats mostly because he has a wheat allergy but also because he loves them! So anyway after baking a few dozen treats I wanted to present them in a pretty package. I searched online for a tutorial on how to make a box or bag big enough to hold them all and finally found this one on youtube. It was exactly what I needed and here is the one I made,
They actually liked the treats so much that they asked me if I would be willing to bake some for their fundraisers. I am so excited to do anything to help such a wonderful rescue so of course I agreed! Also we found the perfect dog to join our family.

I get to go pick her up tomorrow! We haven't decided on a name for sure but we're leaning towards Gemma. I'm sure I will do a layout about her soon!

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