Monday, September 19, 2011

Topaz #7 (project 32)

I've gotten a little behind on my Mid week mojo, so over the next week or two they may be a little out of order. Like today when I'm posting Topaz #7 when I have yet to do Topaz #6. Anyway for Topaz #7 from they had a guest sketcher, Charissa Miller. Charissa is unbelievably talented and I couldn't wait to try out her sketch! She actually provided two sketches but since I'm behind anyway I only had time for one. This is the sketch I decided to try,
and here is what I came up with,
I've been dying to do a layout about Brianna's obsession with glasses. She loves to wear them and when she was first trying to say glasses it came out sounding more like wackies. The older Brianna gets the clearer her words are getting and I'm missing the way she used to mispronounce things. I'm glad to have this one documented so I can remember it forever.

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