Monday, February 25, 2013

Week 6 and 7

Week 6 started out rough for us. Trevor left Sunday to go back to OK for six weeks. He had to take a Greyhound bus and took more than 24 hours to get home.
 I had a visit to the ER Tuesday. I was having some pretty serious cramping and was told to come in to be monitored. Everything was fine thankfully. Probably just stress from the move.

 I added a quote I found on Pinterest it reads, I don't care if our conversations get a little boring & we run out of things to say, I'm just happy I'm talking to you. It says exactly how I feel about my conversations with Trevor right now. I also included all the photos I received of the dogs that week.

 On the right side of my spread I have a picture of a nasty scratch Brianna got just a few days after we got here. The rest are random pictures from our week, playing Candy Land with Brianna, photos of our new living space, the Old Chicago logo because we had lunch there with a friend I hadn't seen in years.  I love the little comic, it says, that which does not kill me makes me even crabbier! Of course I ended the layout with my weekly pregnancy update.

Week 7 calmed down a little thank god!

 On the left side of week 7 I have a picture of Brianna's chocolate covered smile when she was helping me bake cookies. Get used to seeing that screen shot of Trevor and I kissing! It's an app on my phone that I set up with a countdown to when Trevor will be here. I plan to include a screen shot of it each week. We got the chance to go see my great Aunt who is currently at a rehab center and will hopefully be going home this week! Brianna and I also went to dinner with my little cousin Megan.

I added an insert this week, the first side some random Valentines day things. Also a little note about how Trevor tried to send me flowers but apparently forgot to confirm his order. He was so upset that I didn't get them!
On the other side of the insert I have a picture of my wonderful new iPhone 5! A quick update on the dogs with a photo of Gemma, and a few snap shots of Brianna's favorite new apps on grandmas iPad.

The right side was a little hard for me. I have trouble using my design D page protectors but I'm trying to include them every once in awhile. I'm also not super comfortable including so many photos of myself but I'm trying to get over that. I included a before, during and after of my hair. The photo in the bottom left is Brianna and her grandpa. There is a QR code to a video tucked behind it. Brianna was helping grandpa fix the dinning room chairs. And of course ending the spread with my 32 week pregnancy photo!

Hope you enjoy the peek into our daily life. Thank you for stopping by!

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