Friday, February 22, 2013

Project life Week 5

Week 5 was a very busy week for us! It was my birthday, our seven year anniversary, and mine and Brianna's move up to IL.

The left side of my spread includes a handful of funny stories about Brianna and the cute things she says. The QR code goes to a video of Brianna singing happy birthday to me. There's also a few journaling cards about everything that went wrong while we were getting ready to move. Believe me if it could go wrong it did!

I also included a fold over flap with a wedding photo for our seven year anniversary. Inside is some journaling about how much Trevor means to me and how happy I am that after seven years he's still my best friend!

I wanted to add my birthday cards but they were all different, odd sizes so I cut down 8.5x11 page protectors and sealed them with washi tape. They fit very nicely in my album.

I added another insert to include a google map image of our trip from Lawton OK to Belvidere IL. On the other side I made a sort of collage of pictures and items from our trip.

And finally on the right side I have two maps showing where we began our week and where we ended it. We also had to put one of our cats to sleep and the top right pocket is about him and how hard it was to say good bye. I plan to add a photo I just can't find the right one with all the craziness of the move. I also put in photos of the dogs at their temporary home. I'm so glad they are adjusting well! No pregnancy photo this week as we drove from 10am Friday morning to 3am Saturday, then continued our crazy weekend after only three hours of sleep!

So that was week 5 for us. Very busy, very crazy, and lots of inserts! Tomorrow I'll bring you weeks 6&7. Thank you for stopping by!

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  1. Great Ideas for those vacation pages i need to do..