Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mini smash book (98)

Months ago when K&company released their smash books I was so excited to get one. I had been looking for a nice notebook to write little stories about the cute stuff Brianna does. Things that I wouldn't do a scrapbook page about, like the way she mispronounced words when she was first learning to say them, or for cell phone pics that weren't scrap quality. The smash book looked perfect. I used it for about a month or two and then it sat on a shelf in my scrap room forgotten. So around new year, as I was making scrappy resolutions, I decided I needed to try harder at keeping it up.

The problem I had with using it was it wasn't convenient. The smash book itself is a little big to carry around with me and I don't have time to stop what I'm doing and go write down a cute story. So I decided to make a small notebook to carry with me. I pulled out my Bind-it-All and made a small three and half by five inch notebook. I guess I could have bought one but this way I got to use my scrappy toy and make it pretty!
Now I keep this notebook in my diaper bag at all times so it's easy to grab and jot down a quick note. After a few weeks I sit down and transfer the stories to the actual smash book. So far my method is working great and I'm so glad I will have these stories to look back at as Brianna grows up!

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