Monday, February 6, 2012

Cards for the VA hospital

About a month ago I decided I wanted to make more cards. I decided a good goal would be to try using my scraps after creating a layout. So I got right to it and started making cards, I quickly realized that I really didn't need that many cards. Other than birthdays and the occasional congratulation or thinking of you, I just don't send out many cards. Than my husband had a great idea. (I will deny ever saying that!)

Right before Christmas Trevor and the guys in his unit went to the local VA hospital to visit with the veterans. He came home with all kinds of stories and really enjoyed spending time there. So fast forward about a month to me telling him I didn't know what to do with the cards I was making, and he says to bring them up to the hospital. They have a card donation box at the hospital so the residents have cards to send to their families. Great idea! Right?

So I've slowly been building up a card stash to bring to the hospital. I have to say it feels great to have a purpose when making my cards. I hope they bring a smile to someones face. Here is a handful that I made last month.
Hopefully I can start cranking out more cards and get them over to the hospital soon! Thank you for looking!

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